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A Rhyming Knicks Collection

Snippets of brilliance from the basketball commentaries by Walt Clyde Frazier – basketball great, fashion icon, and the Bard of Basketball Commentary©.

This is a collection that no real ny knicks fans can do without.

invincible and independent

neophytes are a delight

feline quickness and canine attitude

Let’s look at Randle folks … his handle

sagacity and tenacity

rising and surprising

banking and thanking

inexplicable and despicable

a dramatic, emphatic play by Barrett

“You got three types of players: players that make things happen; players that watch things happen; and players that wonder what happened.

Walt Clyde Frazier , June 2, 2021

This is no ordinary word salad.

Sure, the uninitiated might call this humble collection “word salad”, but rest assured this is no ordinary word salad.

This is an epicurean’s invitation to a foodie for a feast prepared by a gourmand. It is Beethoven played by an virtuoso. It is poetry in motion. It is pure gold.

It is music to the Knicks fans’ ears – One has to be a New York Knicks fan to appreciate it and savor it.

Go ahead and treat yourself to the finest salad the world has to offer.

(Magics') Bacon is cookin'

(Knicks found some) synergy and energy

incompetent and incoherent

vascilating pace

cruising and bruising

rising and surprising

stumbling and bumbling

(thigh) contusion (causes) confusion

hocus pocus and master blaster

(Lopez) looking and and hooking

banking and thanking

slammin and jammin

(defense) looking and (offense) cooking

resounding and rebounding

dramatic and emphatic

bounding and confounding

(Trae Young) balding and balling

(Len) looking and and Barrett cooking

razzle and dazzle

stop and and pop

pugnacious and loquacious

(The Knicks) They have space and they have pace

Walker would not be denied

(Rivers) bouncing and announcing

moving and grooving

harassing and vexing

aptitude and fortitude

huff and stuff

(Knicks… put some) chillin' on (the Bucks') thrillin'

efficient and patient

“Walt doesn’t ever call himself Great, even though he is one of the Greats.

– A Knicks Fan

This site is created with love by a couple of NY Knicks fans.

We thank the Great Walt Clyde Frazier for amplifying our enjoyment of the game of basketball and our passion for the NY Knicks.

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