A Rhyming Knicks Collection

Snippets of brilliance from the basketball commentaries by Walt ClydeFrazier – basketball great, fashion icon, and the Bard of Basketball Commentary.

This is a collection that no real New York Knicks fans can do without.

Random Quote:

“Toppin a hopping”

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  • "shaking and baking"
  • "dishing and swishing"
  • "scooping and hooping"
  • "tantalizing and mesmerizing"
  • "illuminating and devastating"

This is no ordinary word salad.

Sure, the uninitiated might call this humble collection "word salad", but rest assured this is no ordinary word salad.

This is an epicurean's invitation to a foodie for a feast prepared by a gourmand. It is Beethoven played by an virtuoso. It is poetry in motion. It is pure gold.

It is music to the Knicks fans' ears – One has to be a New York Knicks fan to appreciate it and savor it.

Go ahead and treat yourself to the finest salad the world has to offer.

Walt doesn't ever call himself Great, even though he is one of the Greats.

A Knicks Fan